Relocation Opening of Office & Factory KDDI One-stop Office Solution

Interior Design to IT Implementation

KDDI Hong Kong offers "office creation and relocation" as a one-stop and hassle-free service - we provide total solutions from interior design to the implementation and set-up of IT functionality.


Our Scope of Service

When establishing or relocating an office, there is the need to involve multiple vendors at different stages, such as those for interior design and layout, IT equipment sourcing as well as relocation services. KDDI's One-stop Office Solution service provides customers with project management assistance as well as a single point of contact to access multiple vendors.



  • Conceptualization
  • Design Consultation
  • 2D/3D Layout Design


  • Architectural Works
  • Electrical Works
  • Mechanical Works
  • Plumbing Works
  • Electronic Works

Project Management

  • Timeline Monitoring
  • Progress Report
  • Workers Arrangement
  • Materials Arrangement

Furniture & IT Infrastructure

  • Workstations
  • Desking Systems
  • Seating Furniture
  • Storage Systems
  • Partitions
  • IT Setup

Service Flow


Strong Points

Strengths of KDDI Hong Kong's One-stop Office Solutions

One-Stop Service

KDDI offer one-stop service for office interior and IT installation work as a single contact window. KDDI coordinate various related parties such like vendors, forwarders and so on. We minimize customer's workload to let customers concentrate their own work. KDDI will also consolidate the effective use of a new infrastructure through the establishment of a system pre-test. We can implement server and PC relocation which are newly procured effectively through system and relocation vendors.

Project Management

KDDI will provide the project plan, including onsite survey, layout design and logistics arrangements, etc. Not only well-experienced local staffs but Japanese monitor the on-going projects. KDDI set a detailed project schedule and follow it strictly. We conduct a regular meeting with customer and share latest Project Schedule, Fit-out Activities and Site Progress Photo regularly. Before the completion of project, we share punch listing to improve the quality of finishes.


KDDI will produce a plan according to customer needs. The plan includes a value-added office layout design as well as construction schedule for the office setup. We provide not only 2D layout but 3D perspective for customer to imagine the actual finishes. We make an effort to realize what customer is expecting, by choosing best materials and managing the schedule until completion of project.

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