Business Support Tool ClickShare Wireless Presentation System

Plug and share Wireless Presentation System

Simply share your laptop and mobile devices on one main screen

ClickShare Wireless Presentation System


ClickShare is a presentation system that you can share contents from PCs, Macs and mobile devices to a shared main screen wirelessly. With ClickShare, the shared screen can be changed from one device to another one with a simple click. You can also share the screens of multiple devices simultaneously on the main screen.

ClickShare give you the freedom to share idea instantly. It is easy to set up and user friendly. You just need to plug in the ClickShare device and the system will be ready to use.


ClickShare’s USB powered button and Apps for iOS & Android minimize the cables that used in meeting rooms. As it does not require any additional cable, you can save the time in setting-up and focus on presentation. ClickShare covers PC, Mac, tablet and smartphone. No matter what you use to present, ClickShare helps you to present your ideas straight away and makes your meeting more efficient.


Using ClickShare to present couldn’t be simpler. Your laptop screen will be replicated on the shared screen by simply clicking the ClickShare button with no alteration to your original screen. No additional software is required to be downloaded to the PC and it will be ready to start.

Even for guests, they can display their devices’ contents on the shared screen instantly. There’s no need for complicated instruction, network log-in or technical support. Just plug in the button, click and share.

Other Features*

  • Do more with less

Display the content of other in-room equipments like DVD player & videocam, etc. without the need of touch control panel

  • Broaden your view

Take full benefit of dual screen capabilities

  • See the details when it matters

Compare and share the screen with multiple people at the same time with 4K output

* Applicable to selected model only

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