Logistics & Transportation

We provide broad support for IT infrastructure construction to ensure smooth transportation from the place of production to the consumer

In the logistics industry, construction of business processes is essential for the transport and delivery of products or goods from the place of production to consumption sites or final customers. International logistics crossing borders is also an important area, with various challenges and opportunities in exporting and importing overseas and managing global supply chains.

Challenges related to optimizing transport routes and tracking management

When expanding overseas, due to logistics regulations and differences in information infrastructure, it is necessary to develop IT systems for optimizing transport routes and tracking management.

Challenges related to global information sharing through cloud services

To facilitate information sharing between overseas sites and headquarters smoothly, the introduction of cloud services and the construction of a global network are required.

Challenges related to security

With the expansion of overseas sites, the risk of cyber attacks and internal crimes may increase, making it necessary to strengthen information security measures.

Recommended Cloud Services

KDDI File Storage
Cloud App
File sharing service with multiple security functions
Amazon Web Services
Cloud App
AWS One-Stop Services from offering to implementation/ maintenance
Microsoft 365
Cloud App
Office 365 provides a convenient and secure way for you to share your emails, schedules, and files with your colleagues.

Recommended Services for Strengthening Information Security

KDDI SD-Network Platform
KDDI provides software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) solutions that enable corporate networks that can withstand a variety of changes, such as expanding cloud services, increasing locations as business expands, and expanding overseas.

Zero Trust (Needs),  Security

SD-WAN services
Corporate networks that can adapt to the varied challenges of the cloud era

Zero Trust (Needs),  Security

KDDI Cloud Inventory
A unified cloud management service for device security

Zero Trust (Needs),  Security

FireEye with KDDI
The highly advanced solution against cyber attacks

Zero Trust Solution,  Smart Factory

Recommended Cases & Trends

Case study
Deployment of SD-WAN in North American telecommunications network. Achieving a robust and flexible communication environment that supports the company’s post-Covid leap forward

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