Business Support Tool Interactive Whiteboard

A high-functionality interactive whiteboard for smarter meetings

Same usability as traditional whiteboards,
with functionality to greatly improve the working efficiency.

Interactive Whiteboard

Reform your working style with single device which can help you achieve smarter meetings

Reform your working style with single device which can help you achieve smarter meetings

Write comments directly on the screen, operate or leave comments on the board with a smartphone, and conduct Web conferencing or screen sharing with remotely-located participants. Easily save your meeting contents using QR codes and other means. This one device will change your meetings greatly.

Advantages of the Interactive Whiteboard

1. Project PC or smartphone screens. Comfortable and easy to use.

No more wasting time on switching cables to get a projection working. Interactive Whiteboard can display even smartphone screens, allowing meeting participants to easily share their ideas with everyone present.

You can even share screen views with remote participants and remotely write comments on-screen. Comes equipped with a high-quality microphone, high-resolution camera and high-quality speakers, enabling your meetings to proceed smoothly.

2. Stress-free on-screen writing through finger touch or pen

Easily erase letters, zoom in and out, or pan using your fingers. Interactive Whiteboard recreates extremely closely the smooth feel of writing on a traditional whiteboard.

On-screen writing allows you to add comments to the pages of PowerPoint presentations and other documents.

3. Use QR codes to share images of meeting contents easily

With Interactive Whiteboard, there is no need to take notes or photos during your meetings.

Use QR codes to share saved notes and meeting documents, either through storing to the cloud or forwarding through email, allowing participants to focus on the contents of your meetings while they're happening.

*Functions and specification may be varied on brands and models.

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