IoT Smartmat

Inventory tracking through IoT

Smartmats come equipped with sensors that measure the weight of items stacked upon them, and send this information to a cloud service, from which you can track your inventory amounts. The system can be set to automatically issue alerts or make replacement orders when threshold weight values are passed or fallen under.

Automate inventory management and ordering, dramatically improving daily efficiency

Place factory spare parts, cardboard materials, or a variety of other items on Smartmats, which use weight sensors and their connection to the cloud to provide insight into how much inventory remains. Check remaining inventory in warehouses, stock rooms, or even far-off locations, all from a PC or smartphone without having to physically travel. Improve efficiency compared to physically checking amounts in person. Set threshold values for measured weight, which when passed will result in automatic alert notifications. You can also set the system to automatically order replacements when supplies drop too low*1. With Smartmats, you can prevent inventory shortages going unnoticed, as well as catch when inventory is excessively piling up.

*1Requires configuring account settings and system customization. Supports Internet and email.


Provision flow

*2Customization fees apply

Usage examples

Detect when you have too little (retail, factories)

Receive notifications when inventory is low, helping you to restock at appropriate times.

Detect when you have too much (facility management)

Detect when garbage or other items have accumulated above some limit, allowing you to collect them at effective timing.

Dedicated Web console

Inventory, orders and all settings can be managed from the cloud.

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