IoT Asuene

The most trusted climate cloud platform

Asuene provides a one-stop solution to visualize, report and reduce carbon emissions. Manage your Scope 1-3 emissions and product lifecycle assessment to accelerate actions to achieve net zero.

Challenges to achieving carbon neutrality

The global trend toward achieving carbon neutrality has made it necessary for customers and suppliers to visualize CO2 emissions, but many companies are facing challenges.

  • Lack of know-how in CO2 emissions visualization.
  • More than 100 group companies and supply chains.
  • There are tens of thousands of suppliers, and it is difficult to calculate Scope 3 on their own.
  • Difficult to quantify the result of company’s carbon emission reduction.
  • Difficult to comply with disclosure requirements of various environmental initiatives.
  • Difficulty in collecting data from overseas subsidiaries.

Key Features

Automatic visualization
and realiability

  • Use of AI-OCR to capture documents and visualise data
  • ISO14064-3I and ISMS certified

Operational efficiency through intuitive UI/UX

  • Intuitive UI/UX that allows for easy adoption improve business efficiency
  • 70% reduction in man-hours for calculations

A one-stop to CO2 reduction  

  • Consultants to navigate your Net Zero journey
  • Provision of solutions for CO2 reduction such as clean energy and carbon credits

Intuitive UI/UX for easy tracking and analysis

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