IoT Motion Board

An information dashboard that changes the data surrounding your business into useful information

MotionBoard provides the technology to easily collect data emitted from sensors or other devices and an engine to produce over 30 types of charts. It supplies an environment that makes data visible in real-time and enables you to make quick business decisions.

What is MotionBoard?

MotionBoard provides ease-of-use that allows creating a dashboard without programming or expert knowledge, a rich selection of chart types, and supports the ability to acquire data at any time from mobile devices like smartphones or tablets.

MotionBoard features

1: Dashboard features

Rich chart options

Select the kind of chart that matches your needs, including often-used charts like pie charts, bar graphs, line graphs, radar charts, gauges, signal charts, distribution graphs, bubble charts and waterfall charts.

Formatted reports

MotionBoard can output to Excel and PowerPoint formats and also supports printing through integration with the formatting solutions “SVF” and “SVF Cloud”.

2: Wide variety of analysis features

MotionBoard includes OLAP analysis features such as drill-down (digging down through data) and drill-through (detailed display). Not limited to just displaying collected data, MotionBoard lets you check more detailed information and freely and repeatedly change the methods by which data is totaled. By providing a variety of analysis methods from a user perspective, MotionBoard aids you in testing hypotheses and isolating causes.

3: Easy screen customization

Items can be laid out on the dashboard through simple operations like drag & drop, allowing configuration by the user without requiring programming knowledge.
When items are placed, a preview of the results is automatically shown, allowing you to efficiently choose between your gathered data sets.

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