Data Center Telehouse Cloud Link

Secure, Scalable Enhanced Connectivity to the Cloud

About Telehouse Cloud Link

For companies that need secure, reliable access to one or more leading public cloud services, Telehouse Cloud Link, a multi-cloud network provisioning service, delivers a Layer 2 private connection to multiple major cloud service providers (CSP), such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Alibaba Cloud and more, in secure, fast, reliable condition with single port. Besides Europe and America, Hong Kong is the third region to launch the service.

What Cloud Link can do for you

Telehouse Cloud Link offers end-to-end connectivity solutions that simplify, secure, and speed up your global cloud networking and last mile requirements.

  • Only a single connection to Telehouse Cloud Link is required
  • Access to multiple CSP
  • Secure, scalable, reliable, fast and cost-effective
  • Simple and easy to commission connectivity

What is the best solution for your problem?
Please consult a KDDI consultant.