Data Center HKIX Direct Connect Service

Direct and seamless connection to HKIX within Telehouse Hong Kong CCC

What HKIX Direct Connect Service offers?

HKIX is the leading and largest Internet exchange operator in Asia and provides a neutral and reliable interconnection and peering point for Internet service providers. HKIX had opened a new satellite site (HKIX5 site) in Telehouse Hong Kong CCC.

Our HKIX Direct Connect Service is a direct connection to HKIX5 for HKIX participants through data center satellite POP in Telehouse Hong Kong CCC for a lower price and more seamless service.

Why use HKIX Direct Connect Service?

  • Local Access Line to HKIX port is not required.
  • Colocation Customer can save local access line cost to HKIX.
  • Use Cross Connection (Rack-MMR) and Special Connection (MMR-HKIX) to connect HKIX port instead of local access line.
  • Service lead time is much shorter than local access.

* HKIX port needs to be ordered to HKIX directly.

Other direct access to major regional Internet Exchanges

Telehouse is renowned for hosting the world's most important internet IXs. With partnerships with key platforms in Europe, the United States, Asia and Japan, Telehouse data centers have played a key role in supporting the growth of the Internet for more than 20 years.

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