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Real-time management of parts orders,
inventory and shipping through the RPA solution UiPath!

As Kyocera Corporation’s North American business project, Kyocera International Inc. has been a continuous creator of new value in order to bring satisfaction to its customers. At the heart of its business is its automotive parts sales division, where high-quality, real-time management of inventory and shipments is called for. The company adopted the RPA solution “UiPath” for the division, allowing it to automate work that was previously done by hand. Employees’ workload was greatly reduced while high-quality, real-time management was achieved and productivity raised.

Kyocera International Inc.

Multiple issues were solved by introducing UiPath

Issues before introducing RPA

Time and effort expended
on manual data entry

Large amounts of information required to be accurately entered for electronic orders. Much time required for both entry and checking.

Human error unavoidable

Manual data entry unavoidably has human error, affecting shipment amounts and leading to large amounts of time spent making corrections.

Workload reduction needed for automotive parts sales division

Workload reduction was urgently needed because regular for the division required lotstraining of time.

Solved by KDDI !

Automation of data entry reduced the required work time to as low as 1/10 or less

No more data entry errors, greatly improving productivity

Workload reduced by up to 10 hours per month, freeing up time to explore new business opportunities


  • Until now, the company had only been able to manage inventory once a week, but thanks to automation, now it can do real-time inventory every day.
  • Staff were able to experience the improvement themselves, raising their motivation for further efficiency improvements.

Why and how did you choose UiPath?

Suited to time-sensitive work, KDDI’s success gave confidence

Searching for a way to improve the productivity of the automotive components sales division, Divisional Vice President Kazumi Nishikawa began looking at RPA.
“RPA eliminates human error, and I was already interested in new technology. When I received an explanation from KDDI about how UiPath could raise productivity, I found UiPath to be well-suited to the automation of managing shipments and inventory, which require real-time updates.” As for his selection of KDDI and UiPath, Nishikawa said, “UiPath solutions can be shared amongst similar tasks, and KDDI’s global success with UiPath gave me confidence.”

Divisional Vice President<br />
Automotive Components Sales Division<br />
Kazumi Nishikawa

Results of using UiPath

Work that took about an hour now possible in 5 minutes

Through RPA, Kyocera International was able to greatly reduce its data entry workload. Product Development Manager Kazuomi Baba says, “Until now it took large amounts of time to check that massive amounts of data were being input without mistakes, but thanks to RPA it is now done accurately and quickly and the burden on the staff has been reduced. In America this type of work easily becomes a black box only understood by whoever is doing it, but with RPA we were able to lay out and visualize the process.”

Product Development Manager<br />
Automotive Components Sales Division<br />
Kazuomi Baba

Further efficiency through standardization

In preparation for sharing RPA solutions across tasks, Kyocera International standardized its shipment management forms. Mr. Baba says, “For sharing RPA solutions, we standardized our shipment management Excel files’ formats so that they could be used for multiple companies. Changes like this should reduce our workload burden going into the future.”

A stop to overwork and better use of human resources

Through the introduction of RPA, the Automotive Components Sales Division was able to cut about 10 hours of work per month. This has allowed it to take on new tasks without hiring new staff. Mr. Nishikawa says, “RPA had the effect not only of reducing the burden of routine work, but of allowing us to focus human resources on work with high added value.” He expressed his intention to continue the RPA journey, saying, “We would like to look at deploying the RPA solutions we have so far to similar tasks, and at whether RPA can be used in other divisions.”

Kyocera International Inc.’s use of RPA solution “UiPath” (partial)

Customer profile

Kyocera International Inc.

Head office
8611 Balboa Avenue San Diego CA
92123-1580 U.S.A.

Kyocera International Inc. is Kyocera Corporation’s North American business, selling automotive parts and other products to the North American market. It operates under a corporate mission to supply products and services that bring joy to customers. Through the “Kyocera Philosophy” borne of its people-centric management and the carrying out of its “Amoeba Management”, the company continues producing new value for customers.

Kyocera International Inc.

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