Case study SHOWA DENKO K.K

Looking to revamp their IT Infrastructure in Europe and build a global network to support new growth, they turned to KDDI Global IP-VPN.


Introduced service

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Client interview

Reason and background for adoption

Access to thorough global support at Japanese quality standards

Director General Manager / Head of IT, Information
Systems Department
& Managing Director of Hitachi SC, Ltd.
Hideki Shibata

Integrating and strengthening the IT infrastructure for the graphite electrode business acquired from the German manufacturer with the infrastructure at Showa Denko Europe GmbH had become a key challenge for expanding the business in Europe. Hideki Shibata talks about how the relationship came to be, “We needed a trustworthy partner that could build us a robust IT infrastructure that supports not just the carbon division but the entire European business segment of the Showa Denko Group. We also considered local system integrators, but we chose KDDI as our partner because their support for our Asian and North American operations demonstrated seamless communication, both in and outside of Japan.”


A data center was newly built to serve as the core
for the European business

The first step in developing the IT infrastructure in Europe was to build a data center. Shibata praised the results by saying, “Formerly, we operated an on-premise server room, but we decided the data center had to serve as the hub of our European network, so we decided to build a new facility. We asked KDDI Deutschland to handle everything, from equipment installation and configuration to on-premise network construction. This resulted in a highly versatile data center with advanced security and scalability.”

The location for the carbon division of Showa Denko Europe GmbH.

The existing network was drastically revamped
to remove complexity and inefficiencies

General Manager, IT Global Planning & Control
Department, Carbon Division
Takeshi Naito

Once the data center was built, KDDI began to revamp the network that connects the locations for the carbon division. Naito says, “The operating efficiency of the network was poor because the German manufacturer outsourced a local vendor to operate and manage the network and thus lacked detailed knowledge of the specifications and design. The overly complex configuration also made it difficult to change over to the new network, but the engineers at KDDI Deutschland studied the physical circuitry at the site and made a detailed proposal of the changeover method. The end of the contract for the existing network was imminent, so we really appreciated the quick changeover.”

The office IT environment was also rebuilt
in conjunction with the relocation

When relocating the office operated at the German manufacturer’s site, KDDI Deutschland provided full support for developing the IT environment through its KDDI Deutschland Munich Office, which was newly established in 2021. Similar to what was done for the network, KDDI also analyzed the complicated IT environment and rebuilt it for the new office using the same policies and configuration as before. Shibata says, “KDDI responds to our requests with sound proposals, which has captured the firm trust of our local staff. We look forward to their continued support, as we intend to make effective use of 5G and other emerging technologies.”

Online meeting between Showa Denko and KDDI Deutschland

Service implementation diagram

Flow of KDDI's Global Support for SHOWA DENKO K.K

Flow of KDDI's Global Support for SHOWA DENKO K.K

* The information provided is current as of the date of publication.

Message from the project leaders

KDDI Deutschland GmbH Japanese Sales & Support Japanese Sales Team Leader
Makoto Shimoda (left)

KDDI Corporation Group Leader Business Design Division Solution Sales Department 2
Taizo Abe (right)

We are very honored to be able to provide the IT infrastructure that supports Showa Denko’s operations outside of Japan. The entire KDDI Group will strive to provide thorough support for Showa Denko’s principal business.

Customer profile



Location 1-13-9 Shibadaimon, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Industry Manufacturing
Employee size More than 1,001 people
Publication date June , 2021

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