UiPath RPA solutions

Enhance & Streamline Processes with RPA

Workflow transformation through wide-range robotic automation
with superior scalability and flexibility

Solve problems like the following:

We want to minimize the costs
of simple repetitive tasks.

We want to reduce human error
and improve productivity
in our data entry work.

We want to make more effective
use of our employees.

Automation of simple, routine work

Rule-based, accurate processing. Additionally, during the RPA implementation process the existing workflow is reviewed and visualized, which can help in finding ways to refine it.

Work faster and without mistakes

Eliminate data entry errors when transferring data between applications. Robots can work 24/7; they can process data from a report received in the evening and have it ready for the next morning.

Free up human resources

Leaving simple, repetitive tasks to robots allows you to focus your employees on important work that requires human decision-making.

KDDI can help you improve operational efficiency with UiPath solutions.

We provide total global support to meet our customers' needs.
KDDI is certified as a reseller partner for UiPath in many countries and regions.

*As of February 2023

UiPath Partner Platinum

  • *UiPath: RPA tool provided by UiPath Inc.

Three reasons to use UiPath from KDDI

1. Productivity improvement

Review business processes while creating RPA solutions for them and automate simple tasks. Resources which are freed by using RPA can be utilized refocusing them on higher value-added tasks that require human judgement and experience. RPA can both help in solving labor issues as well as improve employee work performance.

2. Step-by-step implementation from initial trial to global-scale implementation

KDDI is a worldwide partner of UiPath and has extensive experience in implementing RPA solutions. We have also refined our RPA know-how by implementing it in our own departments, through which we have developed best practices. We can help you successfully implement RPA in your departments with step-by-step support, tailored to your needs.

3. One-stop service with infrastructure

Stable operation of computers, servers, and networks is crucial for the operation of robots. KDDI, with its extensive experience in ICT infrastructure, can provide not only UiPath, but also act as a one-stop provider for computers, servers, and networks. We also provide comprehensive support in the event of a failure, from isolation to recovery.

UiPath RPA solution - Case Studies

1: Robot for collecting prices and customer comments from the internet

[Department]: Marketing and product development

[Objectives]: Understanding market needs for product development

Automatically collect prices, customer comments and other information from the internet for one's own products and for other companies’ products and then share this information with stakeholders.

[Effects of automation]:
Previously, the collection of product prices, customer comments and other information from the Internet and organization of it in Excel were done by hand. Automation of this work saved tremendous amounts of man-hours. In addition, although the scope of work in this case was limited to a selection of products with data collection done at a frequency of about once per month, this scope can be easily adjusted in the future.

[Time saved]: 20 hours per month

Collecting custumer comments in internet

2: Robot for auto-checking attendance records

[Target Department]: HR

[Objectives]: Attendance record management

Automatically check attendance records for employees, catching instances where employees did not record their attendance in the HR system correctly.

[Effects of automation]:
Previously, inaccurate attendance records (failure to correctly record holidays, leaving early, etc.) had to be checked for and corrected manually. Robotic automation reduced the amount of this manual work drastically.

[Time saved]: 50 hours per month

Auto-checking attendance record

Work with your documents more efficiently by using RPA with AI-OCR

Do you face problems with collecting/sorting data or checking/inputting content for your documents? In this video, see the benefits of using RPA together with AI-OCR to automate such tasks.

Video playback time: 1:59 (Japanese Only)

We can provide additional OCR services.

See here for details about ABBYY FlexiCapture
See here for details about ABBYY FineReader

Video playback time: 7:39 (English subtitle)

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