IT Outsourcing

Cost reduction and enhancement of IT governance by outsourcing IT management

Reduce IT management cost

By outsourcing and consolidating in-house help desk service, you can reduce IT management cost at the same time as reducing the workload of IT engineers.

Enhance IT governance

In the process of outsourcing, you can standardize IT system management operation and enhance IT governance among overseas offices.

Easy to recruit skilled engineers for urgent projects

KDDI can find the most suitable temporary skilled staff for any of your current IT related projects, such as new system development and IT system operation & management.

What's KDDI IT outsource?

When a company manages IT systems, it must take care of inquiries from users, 24/7 monitoring of IT systems, troubleshooting, and so on, which requires professional knowledge and is not easy in terms of human resources and cost.

KDDI can take care of all IT system related management operation aspects such as help desk support service for all systems and applications, 24/7 monitoring and troubleshooting, and temporary staffing.


  • KDDI can offer IT outsourcing services globally in 60 countries.
  • KDDI can support systems built by various other IT vendors.
  • KDDI has skilled engineers with local IT knowledge.

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