KDDI Cloud Inventory

A unified cloud management service for device security

KDDI Cloud Inventory provides centralized endpoint security, such as IT asset management and detection of security policy-violating clients.

An optimal solution for those troubled by these issues

How can I manage the security of
PCs taken off company grounds?

How can I check for devices
that violate company policy?

How can I stop privately-owned
smartphones from connecting
to the company network?

Product overview

Unifies your device
security process

Usable from anywhere

Manage from anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection

Multi-device support

Manage multiple device types, including Windows devices, Mac devices, and mobile devices

Automated security management

Automatic detection and display of devices with security vulnerabilities

3 languages supported

A Web console available in Chinese, English and Japanese

Global contracts

Purchase with a single Japan contract, or purchase through local contracts in other countries’ currencies

Wide variety of security controls

External device restrictions, unauthorized device detection and blocking, behavioral detection and other security features


FunctionalityA wide variety of security-related functions

In addition to security management, KDDI Cloud Inventory provides HDD encryption, external device (USB memory, etc.) restrictions, PC operational log acquisition, behavioral detection (malware detection), and more.

New! Optional feature “Unauthorized Device Detection*1

Using a LAP sensor, clients without the KDDI Cloud Inventory agent installed are detected and blocked from your network, reducing the risk of data theft and preventing personal devices from connecting to your corporate network.

  • *1For use of the “Unauthorized Device Detection” feature in Europe and China, please consult with us.

EfficiencyMake large reductions in your workload

Automation of security management (automatic vulnerability diagnoses) and asset management frees up your busy system administrators and makes usage easy.

Automatic vulnerability diagnoses

Provides a list of PCs lacking the latest OS and software*2 updates. By automatically located at-risk PCs, your management workload is greatly reduced.

Asset management

Once a day, information is collected from your managed devices, allowing you to manage your assets with accurate information, without the work of collecting it yourself.

  • *2Software such as Java, Flash, Adobe Reader/Flash Player, Internet browsers, etc.

FlexibilityCloud-based system means you can start small

All you need is an Internet connection. Easily scale as needed, from managing a few dozen devices to tens of thousands.

Free trial

30 day free trial service

Take this opportunity to check your security level with a free trial, and experience security management using KDDI Cloud Inventory.

Options Service

One-stop shopping

KDDI reduces the administrative work involved in applying for the IPLC service by offering one-stop shopping. For example, you may apply for a circuit between Japan and the US, as well as another circuit between third countries such as the US and the UK at the same time.

Long-term contracts

To help customers use the IPLC service more economically, KDDI offers discount plans for three- and five-year regular usage contracts. We will discount 5% and 10% from the monthly IPLC Service charges for three-year and five-year contracts, respectively.

Multiple-area discount

Depending on the areas where you will be using our IPLC service, we offer a discount of 5-15% per month for all international circuit service charges. The larger the number of areas you are connected to, the higher the discount you receive.

Domestic/international service combination discount(*1)

If you use both our domestic and international IPLC services and have a single billing address, you can apply for and receive a discount on service charges. Discounts of 5% for domestic services and 15% or 30% for international services (depending on bandwidth) are offered.

Route diversity service

This service completely duplicates two high-bit links between different international zones in the same area. If a failure occurs in one circuit, you will still be able to communicate using the other route. A 10% discount on the monthly IPLC service charges is offered for each circuit.

Backup circuit service

For each IPLC that you sign up for, you will be able to use one backup circuit (reserve circuit) via a different route for the applicable international zone. If a failure occurs in the main circuit, you will still be able to communicate by switching to the backup circuit that was set up in advance using a different route. The backup circuit comes with a 40% discount on the regular monthly charges for the IPLC service, plus additional charges.

One-way circuit service

If you only send or receive data over the IPLC, we offer a discount of approximately 30% on the monthly IPLC service charges compared with the two-way service charges.

International zone change service

This is a service to temporarily switch the KDDI private leased circuit station for international zones in Japan to another pre-determined KDDI private leased circuit station when a failure occurs in your terminal equipment. Even if a fire or failure occurs within your premises, you will still be able to communicate using other communication centers. It is also possible to set up reserve domestic zones.

Diversity service(*2)

When the IPLC cannot be used due to a failure, this service switches you to another domestic circuit KDDI has set up in advance. Charges for the reserve domestic circuit and additional charges apply.

  • *1 Domestic ultra high-bandwidth digital service, ATM-dedicated service, and international voice-level and ultra high-bandwidth digital service are not included in this discount plan.
  • *2 Discounts apply only if the fees stipulated in the contract are the standard fees (except in the case of the international diversity service).

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