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KDDI can support customer to perform Phishing Test and Information Security Awareness Training.
Helping the staff to understand the security risks associated with their actions & identifying cyber-attacks that staff may encounter at work.


Nowadays enterprises are facing with different kinds of cyber-security threats. That caused loss of money and intellectual property, damage to beliefs, and disruption of operational activities.

Phishing is probably the most common form of cyber criminal activity suffered. If recipient don’t have sufficient awareness to discriminate legitimate business-related e-mail from junk or malicious e-mail which intend to inflict damages, the recipient’s organization will be exposed to extremely high risk of cyber-attacks.​

How to define phishing?

  • Message Style
  • Language Mistakes in Sender email Addresses or website
  • Ask for Peculiar Requests

KDDI HK Security Consultant Services

1. Vulnerability Diagnostics

The security level of company IT environment will be fully diagnosed, including checking for bugs and vulnerability in networks, OS, middleware, web applications, etc. By identifying and fixing vulnerabilities, incident like information leakage can be prevented.

2. Penetration Test

Pseudo-attacks are carried out from different intrusion routes, such as external public servers operated by customers and employee PCs. If the invasion succeeds, we can diagnose how far the system can be intruded and what kind of information will be exfiltrated.


3. Security training for employees

  • Explaining what kind of actions causing cyber-security risk
  • Explaining common examples of cyberattacks

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