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A smart factory in the era
of the new normal

Utilizing data to achieving factory DX

In manufacturing sites' operations, many areas have yet to be digitalized. Digitalizing these areas is the first step to realizing a smart factory. With COVID-19 making face-to-face communication difficult, being able to share information via digital data regardless of time and place has become essential.

Digitalization of manufacturing sites is the basis of smart factories

Today, the DX (digital transformation) wave is upon us in each field of industry. One of the objectives of the manufacturing industry as it aims for "Industry 4.0" (the fourth Industrial Revolution), is smart factories. Through the collection and analysis of a variety of on-site data, smart factories create a more advanced production process.

This is expected to lead to faster decision making in manufacturing plants and the supply chain, as well as the creation of new business. The first step to making this happen is digitalization of the individual operations at manufacturing sites.

COVID-19 has made
face-to-face communication difficult

The spread of COVID-19 has significantly impacted manufacturing sites. To cite some examples, the number of people that can enter and work at sites has been limited, which has resulted in a lack of communication because people are not permitted to move freely, and the circulation of paper-based ledgers has increased the risk of infection. These problems call for a framework that helps you to grasp a site's state from a remote location and to instruct and guide the site personnel in an easy to understand manner.

face-to-face communication difficult

3 concrete issues
at manufacturing sites

Let KDDI turn your manufacturing site
into a smart factory.