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Email security software application to prevent mistakenly sending emails to the wrong addresses


safeAttach will maintain and enhance your credibility with your customers through the prevention of mistakenly sending important email attachments to the wrong recipients. With safeAttach, it is possible to achieve easy, secure, flexible and cost-effective email encryption.


Easy encryption

All the sender has to do is attach the file they wish to send. safeAttach will automatically encrypt the file and compress it in ZIP format.

Automated password generation

safeAttach will automatically generate a password for the ZIP file.

AES (AES 256-bit) compliant

Double Check

Senders can perform a double-check of the recipient's address before sending passwords.
No action required by the recipients.

ZIP compression

No specialist application required.

Fully customisable

Flexibly configure parameters according to sender, recipient, mail header, subject, file size, To/CC. etc.

Hold messages temporarily

Enables recall of messages that have been accidentally sent to wrong recipients

Third party confirmation function

Authorised personnel can supervise the policy. Managers can double-check to whom/where messages were sent.

“Force BCC”

Prevents sensitive email addresses being exposed.

Body of text can also be encrypted

‘Multi-tenant’ function

Independent grouping for any applicable rules – separate rules per division, group companies etc.

safeAttach is supplied as VM

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