FireEye Enterprise Network Security Solution

Next generation world-leading security solution to combat advanced malware, zero-day and targeted APT attacks


FireEye is a highly secure anti-targeted attack security solution. It provides next generation system protection against zero-day targeted attack and complements the traditional signature-based security system, such as Firewall, IPS and Antivirus, to provide all-round protection to your data asset.

What is targeted attack?

A targeted attack is the cyber threat that seeks to breach the security measures of a specific and targeted corporate or organization. The initial attack is conducted to gain access to the target’s network. Then the attack is usually followed by a further exploit to get deeper and deeper into the network.

Confidential data being targeted

If the confidential data is exposed and becoming visible to the attackers, it may lead to a potential threat of scam from attackers.

Bypass existing security system

In order to exploit the target, the attackers may bypass organization’s existing security system.

Attacking in a hidden and invisible way

The attack may have a period in which stay hidden and invisible, as it targets organization’s files one by one. Its presence is usually unknown until it is too late to take any effective actions against it.



  • Inbound inspections block known web malware
  • Outbound blocking thwarts data theft & botnets

Email MPS

  • Real-time email attachment and URL analysis to detect malware and zero-day attacks
  • Unites web and email for outbound protection

File MPS

  • Analyzing file shares and detects zero-day malicious code embedded in common file types
  • Performing recursive, scheduled, and on-demand scanning of accessible network file shares to identify and quarantine resident malware

CMS (Central Management System)

  • Streamlined centralized management of multiple appliances reduces time spent managing configurations, threat updates and appliance software upgrades
  • At-a-glance security dashboard helps track Web and email threats

MAS (Malware Analysis System)

  • Streamlines and batches analysis of suspicious files, web code and executables
  • Offers sandbox or live–mode analysis to confirm zero-day exploits

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