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All-round support to deploy your system in the cloud


Cloud platform is the delivery of on-demand computing resources over the Internet. For example, cloud storage provides you the most convenient, cost-saving, and user-friendly control on your files, documents, media, etc. You can easily access to the Cloud whenever or wherever you are.

KDDI provides one-stop solution from consultancy, project planning, system design, development and operation assisting customers to migrate or deploy the operation system and infrastructure into Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform with the support of Telehouse Cloud Link connectivity service.


Deploying or migrating the system into cloud platform can provide you a flexible and secure environment to expand your business.

  • Opex Model – Converting Capex to Opex
  • Elasticity – Easily Scale Up & Down
  • Flexibility – Auto scaling for paying only for actual usage
  • Security – No concern on security of infrastructure level


Amazon Web Services

Virtual Server(EC2), Storage(S3), Database(RDS), Amazon Glacier, AWS Storage Gateway, and more

Implementation/Migration Service

Strategic Planning, Implementation Support, and Maintenance Support help you to migrate databases from different platforms to AWS efficiently and effectively

Flexible Storage Capacity

Customizable storage capacity according to your need by scaling up and down, no matter the size of your business

KDDI Managed Service

5X8 or 7X24 system monitoring by KDDI to ensure safety and protection in security-sensitive data center and network architecture

Security Service Package

To enhance the level of protection, Firewall, Anti Ransomware & Malware & Spyware, and more software are implemented to secure your cloud resources


Various functions specifically designed for business are available.


With a large mailbox capacity and fast search functionality, Gmail allows speedy access to necessary information.

Google Calendar

The schedule sharing function makes it easy to organize meetings.

Google Drive

Ability to keep files in the cloud, thus allowing access from browsers.

Google Document, Google Spreadsheet, Google Presentation

Ability to share and edit files from different places in real time

Google Hangouts

Hangouts provides the functionality to instantly start a video conference thus facilitatingmore efficient, effective communication.

Google Site

Google Site allows the creation and sharing of information through in-house portal sites.

Google Groups for Business

Ability to create mailing lists and share content.

Google Apps Vault (subject to fees)

Provides archiving, information disclosure, and information governance capabilities.


KDDI Business ID

A tool to enhance security, example enhancements include the setting of user-specific access location limitations and multifactor authentication.

System requirements

Google Drive for Work System requirements

  • *Access to external site.

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