Remote Access

Connect to work from anywhere on PC, smartphone or tablet

Designed for the Global Mobile Worker who needs Speed and Security

Got problems? We've got solutions!

Security policy of company does not allow saving files on home PC and smart devices

I want to work as usual when I am on overseas business trip

I want to use tablet to access the files in my company PC

Work securely without leaving data behind

The fast, easy, secure way to instantly access your office Mac or PC from any Internet connection. Every connection is protected by end-to-end encryption and other optional security features. You can be sure that your critical data is always safe and secure.

A simple and easy setup

With the ultimate combination of speed, reliability and simplicity, setup of the solution is simple (there is no extra hardware or software to install), and formal training is not needed.

Get the most out of your devices

With greater speed and access, you can use your remote devices more efficiently by working whenever you want. Access your files, programs, email and network resources from anywhere.


Remote access solution allows secure access from an internet connected device to a specified host PC. Various mobile devices such as PCs, tablet devices, smartphones, etc., are supported, and file transfer by drag & drop is also available.

Benefits of Using Remote Access Solution

  • Speed up the operation
  • Efficiency and convenience of business process
  • Time saving
  • Flexible work style
  • Business continuity planning

Characteristic Functions

  • No data remains in PC or tablet because of screen transfer type
  • Provides tight security by encrypting communication pathways

Network configuration is not necessary

Basically there’s no need for IT staff to change or open ports, configure IP addresses or deploy any extra hardware or software

Restricting use or access of function

User may restrict file transfer, cut, copy and paste from remote access or so on printing by groups, divisions or roles

Advanced Encryption

All remote sessions are protected with TLS (including TLS 1.2) and 256-bit AES encryption

Multiple authentication

Mandatory device authentication and optional two-factor-authentication and security code are deployed on end-point devices

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