HKIX Direct Connect Service is now available

KDDI Hong Kong Limited March 24, 2017

HKIX Direct Connect Service is now available

HKIX is the leading and largest Internet exchange operator in Asia and provides a neutral and reliable interconnection and peering point for Internet service providers. The new satellite site of HKIX (HKIX5) is activated in Telehouse Hong Kong CCC on March 24, 2017. KDDI HKIX Direct Connect Service is also available simultaneously.

HKIX Direct Connect Service is a direct connection to HKIX5 for HKIX participants through data center satellite POP in Telehouse Hong Kong CCC for a lower price and more seamless service.

HKIX Direct Connect Service

Please refer to the following link for the details of HKIX Direct Connect Service:
HKIX Direct Connect Service

About HKIX

Established in April 1995, HKIX (Hong Kong Internet eXchange) is a neutral and professional Internet exchange point based in Hong Kong for faster and cheaper interconnections among different networks on Internet. Owing to its large scale and the high traffic volume it serves, HKIX is considered as one of the largest Internet exchange points in Asia Pacific region. HKIX is owned and operated by the Hong Kong Internet eXchange Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Foundation Limited.

About KDDI Hong Kong

KDDI Hong Kong is a subsidiary of KDDI Corporation, which provides one-stop global and local ICT solutions. It was founded in October 1988 and now offers a variety of services from data center “TELEHOUSE” with managed services, Internet, international network services, system integration to office relocation or even vendor & procurement management. Major customers include multinational corporations and financial companies.

About Telehouse Hong Kong CCC

Telehouse is the pioneering neutral data center started in 1989. It manages and operates 48 carrier-neutral data centers globally, serving over 3000 companies and hosting some of the world's leading Internet Exchanges. Telehouse Hong Kong CCC is the data center located in TKO industrial estate and is operated by HKCOLO.NET Limited, subsidiary company of KDDI.

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