Telehouse Invests in New Technical Equipment Building at Frankfurt Campus

April 12, 2016

Frankfurt am Main, 12 April 2016. Following extensive planning for the concept and investment in a new technical equipment building, construction work is now commencing at the 45,000 m2 site of Telehouse Frankfurt. With a footprint of 33 m x 40 m, the building will accommodate three floors equipped with supply technology. When the construction project is completed, the equipment installed in the new technical equipment building will supply 4,600 m2 of additional data center space with UPS power and cooling water in Tier 3+ design. The space available for colocation customers is to be expanded through September 2016.

Construction of this building marks a continuation of the expansion of data center space at Telehouse in Frankfurt. The continuing growth of rented space at Telehouse reflects the steadily increasing demand on the part of data center operators on account of cloud solutions and businesses’ desire for greater availability and security for their data. Due to the ongoing digitization of enterprises, the data center environment is becoming a paramount factor for the security standards and maximum availability of the applications and data on the servers.

In this construction project, Telehouse is placing top priority on an optimum electrical supply to ensure fail-safety. The installed power of this facility is rated at 9MW. A 30kV/400V transformer substation will be integrated in the building. “For the first time, Telehouse is constructing a dedicated technical equipment building so that it can implement a modern uninterruptible power supply solution comprising DeRUPS (Diesel Rotary Uninterruptible Power Source) and diesel generator sets. Telehouse is thus implementing leading-edge energy management,” declares, Armin Höfner, Head of Engineering at Telehouse, who is responsible for the operation and planning of the technology deployed in the building. Also noteworthy is the fact that the building will be supplied via a dedicated transformer substation of energy utility Netzdienste Rhein Main GmbH (NRM). This substation is supplied with 110kV high voltage.

The emergency power system deployed here to deliver an uninterruptible power supply consists of six DeRUPS units manufactured by Piller and gensets sourced from MTU. The units are controlled via an IP bus system. In the event of an outage, the IP bus enables a variable distribution of power that is individually matched to each customer. Multiple units distribute the load evenly. The redundant n+2 design ensures exceptional reliability with respect to availability and function. Each unit delivers 2,250 kW of power. In the DeRUPS UPS solutions, constantly rotating masses are used to produce kinetic energy. This is stored and converted into electrical energy in the event of a power outage.

Energy efficiency is an important criterion in the new technical equipment building. In line with the Telehouse culture, this is realized with a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.3. This effectiveness-oriented approach played a significant role in this building in terms of optimum space and system utilization. The DeRUPS require less floor space compared to the conventional UPS battery solution as an emergency power backup.

“This new concept is an optimum combination of maximum availability and modular power supply for each floor and room. The latter is particularly important, as customers’ expectations with respect to current density per m² are diverging increasingly,” explains Dr. Béla Waldhauser, CEO of Telehouse Deutschland GmbH and KDDI Deutschland GmbH, in describing the advantages for the customers who will be served by the new building and its equipment.

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